Client Testimonials

“The light and sound from within the chamber was very calming since I don’t have time or the opportunity to relax.  The music was also very calming, and I know my body appreciated this experience.”  Kiley.

“There was a moment where I felt a “pop” in my 1st chakra”, and then the energy began to flow through me and I felt warm vibrations that I had not felt in a long time.  It was as if I could “breath again” in that part of my body.” Anonymous

“After several sessions, I felt an energy of internal balance, as though the vibrations from within the chamber induced a deep emotional massage within my cells.  I found that I did not reflex to irritability from daily thorns, and was able to allow for unification of my mind and body to navigate with a renewed sense of calmness.”  Christine

“I felt like I had a weighted blanket that surrounded me and comforted me.  It was like I was being gently lulled to sleep, yet my mind could process things that were weighing on it.”  Jane

“The Light and Sound Chamber was the best thing ever to heal my broken arm.”  Nora, age 9.

“I feel a great sense of calm and peace that I have not felt in some time. My mind and body feel rested and I feel ready to continue with my day knowing that I have an inner confidence that is being nurtured and nourished.”  CFS

“I felt very comfortable, and totally open to whatever happened.  Many visuals came to my mind:  brick walls, vehicles, lots of people walking … but then, peaceful relaxation.  The music lead me, and my whole body responded with deep relaxation.”  SO GOOD! Serena

“It was not what I had expected, but I felt relaxed and free of life’s interruptions.  I would definitely recommend this to those that need an extra push to relax completely.”  Elza

“Wow!” “What a wonderful, relaxing, and fully body enlightening experience!  I felt so relaxed, yet so rejuvenated.  I especially enjoyed the relaxation of feeling the vibrations move throughout my body, while my mind was feeling free.  My body feels ‘heavy’, but I could see and feel my mind as light!  This experience was an incredible gift for me today.  I am blessed, thank you so much!”  JoAnn

“I feel very relaxed, calm and refocused.  I felt a sense of calmness and the ability to effortlessly just exist.  I find my focus is set on my center of my being, within my being,  and within my mind. I feel I can expand my possibilities and understand all that is possible to be endless with no bounds.  I continue to feel more enlightened and open to experiencing new and amazing sensations and other ways to exist.  The experience within the Light and Sound Chamber is simply amazing, and helps me feel so peaceful.”  Brendan

“Shortly after the music started, I felt a sort of tingling and pressure on the left side of my temple.  It was not painful; it was comforting.  the thought of awakening came to my mind and release.  Over the course of the session, I felt this sensation spread to the rest of my body, and then let myself go deep as I have with hypnotherapy, or when I experienced sound baths.  Overall, I felt surrounded by energy, around and within me, a very powerful experience.”  Tania

“This was my 4th session in the Light and Sound Chamber and it feels like my body is starting to recognize this state of deep relaxation.   I’m letting myself flow with the sounds and vibrations.  I have chronic GI pain and it seems as if the energy flows throughout my entire body, allowing it to remove tension and inflammation.  My GI pain has decreased dramatically since I started my regular weekly sessions. The Harmonic Egg’s design and energy is a life experience for all to take pause and immerse themselves into this deep vibrational space and feel the magic of internal balance.”  Valeria