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The Light and Sound chamber allows the frequency from light and sounds to stimulate our cells to promote our wellbeing.  The PERL M+, generated by the Progen 3, allows frequency rebalancing within every cell of our body.  Natural pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF from the universe and earth’s movement) is necessary for our health and helps to: *reduce pain and inflammation * stimulate the destruction of viruses and bacteria * stimulate faster healing of wounds, fractures, and orthopedic injuries *regenerate tissues and tendons *improve circulation and heart health *stimulate brain neuron regeneration *promote cellular energy flow and elimination        

Information on energy, frequency & mind-body therapy: Select top right tab on science.

When we expand our consciousness and embrace our connection to the universe, we can welcome the energy we need to stimulate the life force that exists within each of us.  Stress, from mental and physical disruptions, affect our body’s natural flow.  Our internal living matrix of diverse molecules needs stimulation by natural frequencies, such as the Schumann resonance from the sun, and our earth’s Geomagnetic resonance.  The Light and Sound Chamber’s uniquely designed wooden chamber allows sound frequencies and light to surround our entire body, similar to the healing energies provided by nature.  The PERL M’s frequency therapy rebalances our body energy at the cellular level by improving our internal and external energy flow.  We were created to be in balance with our universe, and our human body is primarily an energy field which sustains our wellbeing.  The Light and Sound Chamber allows music’s natural frequencies, within the chamber’s energy field, and the Perl M+ Rife Frequency therapy both promote a physiologic rebooting to stimulate our body’s ability to repair cellular and emotional disturbances.

$45 1st session with PROMO “WELLBEING” for your FIRST Light & Sound experience within the Light & Sound Chamber (50 minutes) OR a Frequency Session using the Resonant Light PERL -M+ Rife Machine, with a trial use of the AVACEN 100 -Microcirculation Stimulation Machine (60 minutes).


Contact us: 858-201-4001 for information and  scheduling a hypnotherapy session at Center Point Medicine with Christine Sullivan, Ph.D., FNP-BC.

This visit may be covered by your health insurance; if permitted, includes a complementary light and sound session within the Light and Sound Chamber  or a Frequency Therapy from the Resonant Light Perl M and Avacen trial.

Appointments are provided at the following offices which support the benefits of  frequency therapy using the updated Perl M+ (with PEMF)  machine and light and sound therapy within a secluded wooden chamber:


Center Point Medicine, LaJolla, CA, Medical Hypnotherapy.


Dr. Elizabeth Salada Medical Corp, Lifestyle & Internal Medicine.

Most PPO health insurance and limited HMO health insurance plans are accepted.