Consultations, Scheduling Appointments & Map

For personal appointments with Christine Sullivan, contact or call 619-326-8480.   $150 for a 2 hour consultation which includes a Light and Sound Chamber experience and Perl- M Rife frequency session.

Christine will discuss the effect of disease and emotional and physical symptoms that may cause malfunctioning of the body’s normal energy balance.  She offers consultation for hypnotherapy, pain management, integrative medicine, therapeutic touch, cognitive behavioral therapy, frequency therapy and Standard Process supplements.

Medical hypnotherapy and counseling are available: Center Point Medicine, LaJolla, CA, Medical Hypnotherapy & Counseling: 858-201-4001.

Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine are available at the office of Dr. Elizabeth Salada, Internal Medicine, Poway, CA:  858-312-5492.

Christine Sullivan, PhD, Family Nurse Practitioner, works at both of these medical practices and is available for a comprehensive health consultation to promote a holistic state of wellbeing.

Monday – Thursdays: 09:30AM -6:30PM.

Late appointments based on availability.

Saturday & Sunday sessions are based on availability.

Call or Text: 619.326.8480 to schedule an appointment.